Intended use:
Motor-roads and highways
Pedestrian spaces
Illumination of bridges
Illumination of parking spaces
Illumination of industrial sites
Illumination of filling stations
Illumination of urban streets
Installation: head piece Dia 65 mm, H 95 mm
Protection Rating: IP 65 for the optical element and the power supply system
The housing and the angle bracket are made of aluminium alloy.
The shaped aluminium profile ensures efficient heat elimination.
The luminaire design provides a high level of safety.
Color: black
Optical System: PMMA lens, plug-in LED modules
Number of LEDs: 126
CRI: >70
Power Supply Frequency: 50–60 Hz
Power Factor: ≥0.95
Product Name Wattage Color Temperature Luminous Flux Luminous Efficacy Scatter Angle Length x Width Price
ILEDEA ISI - 210 - F1LA 150*70 MAGNUS 210 W 4000 K 33600 lm 160 lm/W 150*70 760x312mm