Smart lighting and IoT solutions manufacturer Iledea launches fully robotized production in Vantaa

In just a few years, the Russian manufacturer of automated energy efficient LED lighting systems, LLC PK Energosberezhenie has made a long journey. Having set up a Finnish subsidiary Iledea Oy, the company has spread from the City of Petrozavodsk via Joensuu to the Helsinki region. The parent company has currently some 50 employees in Petrozavodsk and a turnover of over 5 million euros (2019).

Susanna Berg

“Our first Western customer in Russia was Stora Enso, and we had also noticed wider interest towards our products in the Western markets. We soon began to get sales deals in the Joensuu region, and to minimize our logistics costs, we decided to move closer to those clients and set up Iledea Oy in Joensuu. While Joensuu was a good location, we eventually decided to move towards the bigger market of the capital region,” says Business Development Director Susanna Berg from Iledea.

Iledea moved to Helsinki in 2019 and started to look for manufacturing facilities.

“We import our components for example from China. That’s one reason why the Helsinki area serves us well – the Helsinki Airport is close, and the region is well connected to all directions. Helsinki Business Hub has helped us relocate and find a production facility in Vantaa. It has been an extremely helpful and positive collaboration for us.”

Helsinki Business Hub has also helped Iledea connect with potential partners, investors and financial institutions, and advised the company on general business issues.

Susanna Berg, Business Development Director, Iledea Oy

“Since our first meeting in 2016, Iledea has developed new fully-automated manufacturing lines and introduced new interesting products and services, such as lighting as a service and energy saving performance contacts. Launching its first manufacturing line in Vantaa is a great milestone for Iledea’s European expansion and we are happy to be a part of this journey,” says Senior Business Advisor Maria Hartikainen from Helsinki Business Hub.

From LED lighting to energy efficient IoT solutions

automated LED lighting system

Iledea has set up an entirely digitalized and robotized production line

The company’s roots are in LED lighting. Its final product still remains LED lighting but now as part of an IoT solution, providing lighting as a service. In other words, Iledea offers customers energy efficient outdoor and industrial lighting and 24/7 control of their lighting systems. Its customer base consists of manufacturing companies and cities.

“We essentially wanted to concentrate on smart solutions and contribute to smart cities. Our parent company has already provided smart street lighting solutions to several cities in Russia and its neighboring countries,” Susanna Berg says.

Iledea’s website operates as its customer interface, enabling clients to access their lighting solution, make and view orders and payments, monitor and manage their lighting systems online, and communicate with Iledea.

“We are currently piloting our new digital twin system in Vantaa. It offers our clients a mirror image of their own production facilities and lighting solution and enables the virtual planning and optimization of lighting with minimal energy consumption, standard compliance, and maximal quality. Customers can adjust their systems in real time.”

“Made in Finland” sends an excellent message to the world

Another thing Iledea is piloting in Vantaa is the company’s first completely digitalized and robotized production line. The Vantaa facility has a showroom allowing potential corporate and public sector clients to see the entire manufacturing process through a glass wall.

“While running our core business of IoT LED lighting solutions, we intend to expand our robotized production lines. The 7-meter production line can be built practically anywhere to minimize logistics expenses. We plan to set up another production line in Finland, perhaps in the north, and we are looking to build production lines in other European countries, as well,” Berg explains.

The company’s product development is currently done in Russia, while Iledea concentrates on production and sales in Finland.

“It is very important for us that our products are made in Finland because Finland and Finnish standards have such a good reputation on the international market. ‘Made in Finland’ is an excellent message to the world.”

To Europe and beyond

Iledea now employs one person, Susanna Berg, in Finland. Within the next year, it intends to hire 4–5 more people. Berg estimates, however, that the company’s growth may be even swifter than that, depending on how fast its business in the Helsinki region takes off. Its plans also include collaboration with Finnish research institutes and universities that are working on smart technology.

We import our components for example from China. That’s one reason why the Helsinki area serves us well – the Helsinki Airport is close, and the region is well connected to all directions.

Susanna Berg, Business Development Director, Iledea Oy

“The City of Vantaa has been very welcoming, and we look forward to working on smart cities with polytechnics, universities, and institutes in Vantaa and the surrounding region,” Berg says.

“The availability of EU grants and other financing is also important, as we intend to develop our international marketing. We are hoping to spread even beyond Europe, to the global market.”